Sauce Pans and Screw Drivers

Have you ever noticed that human propensity to mind other’s business?  Very interesting and I’m sure a hold-over from a more cave-like-existence when it probably came in handy…both to keep your neighbor safe as well as to get first dibs on his stuff when he met with his demise.  And really, we haven’t evolved much since then aside from argyle socks.  Case in point, folks love to comment on gifts given and received.  (And a whole bunch more stuff, but I’ll limit myself because I have a long list of things to get done today.)

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No Bell Curve For Me!

In addition to this weekend’s Easter festivities, we also celebrated my sister-in-law’s birthday.  (I shall not mention how many candles were present.  Because, really, that isn’t the important part of a birthday – it’s the celebration part that matters!)  And since I don’t do things half-way (never one to be in the midst of the bell curve), I decided I would make something yummy for her birthday.  Yes, I could just pick up something from the store, but that would be too average.  And that’s not where I fall on the bell curve.

I think it might be best for all parties if I explain that bell curve statement.

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