Flash Friday – The Watery World

The fish is perfectly formed for its watery world.

The director looked over the railing at the ponds below. The air hummed as hundreds of machines performed the many tasks required to run a facility this size.

Thirty-six ponds, each stocked with one hundred hatchlings. If things progressed according to the plan, the Board would be very pleased. Very pleased indeed. The director let himself dream of what he’d purchase with his bonus. It was his favorite way to fall asleep these days, thinking of what toy he would reward himself once they were successful. Of course, he’d already purchased many toys with his salary. But the Board had hinted his bonus would be generous for having the product ready ahead of schedule. The director pounded his fists on the railing. The Board was due any minute and he couldn’t wait to see their faces when he showed them the hatchlings’ progress. Continue reading


Flash Friday – “You Make Me Crazy”

A few weeks ago I was desperate to get myself out of my funk. Now, don’t get me wrong, funk is good stuff musically but not when applied to writing mojo. For a writer, a funk is totally unfunky. A typical writing practice to unfunk yourself is to just write any old thing. To write and not worry about what it is. Journal, write in your diary, just plunk your hiney down and write. BIC,FOK (Butt In Chair, Fingers on Keyboard – not as fun as what it sounds when you say it aloud and quickly.)

But we all know that I’m not good at un-purposeful activities, or at least the stuff that doesn’t feel purposeful to me. (Yes, this is a failing of mine. I don’t recommend it. Life at full-scphinter lock is not as much fun as it might appear.)

So I decided I would write some little piece of fiction based on a prompt my husband would find for me out in the interwebs. I’ve no idea how these will turn out aside from the following rules: Continue reading

A Challenge for Today

I asked my Facebook friends to offer me suggestions on what to blog about today and the suggestions were as follows:  sun and mud, surf and sand, why teachers continue to stay in the teaching profession, “me”, how to organize a family of five, and beds.

I immediately set about finding a way to write a single post that combined all six prompts.  After all, nothing like a good writing challenge on this April Fool’s Day, right?  I drained my morning triple espresso, rolled up my sleeves, loaded up WordPress, and promptly wrote myself into a morass of mundanity.  In other words, I pounded out a blog post of pure blech. Delete, delete, delete until all that was left was a blank screen.

Continue reading