The Peaks and Valleys of Writing

Every profession has its peaks and valleys – those crunch times when a person wonders just what the heck s/he was thinking when s/he started down that path. CPAs must shout “Free at last! I’m free!” as the office closes on Tax Day. Teachers certainly find their happiness once they turn in their keys for the short weeks of summer. Actors party wildly after the set is struck. And so on. Not all professions have such dramatic highs and lows, but they all have some sort combination of stressful time and not-so-stressful time.

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Birds of a Feather…

Bill's newest book and his famous bacon jam!

Last night I made the trip to Portland’s own Murder By the Book to celebrate the release of Bill Cameron’s fourth book, County Line.  It was a win-win kind of night…I supported a local indi book store, heard Bill read a bit of the new book and listened to him play his ukelele.  Perhaps one of the best parts was reading how he signed my copy:  “To Quickie!  Such a delight to become friends with you!” And it is delightful.  Delightful to have found another person in this world to add to my list of “people I know and care about”.  How about you?  How long is your list?  Because most folks in this world have a list of those who matter, connected by blood or that even thicker connection I like to think of as the “feathers of my heart.”

Everybody I know has something that partially defines them and through which many of their friendships arise.  Perhaps they play as sport or a musical instrument or board games.  It doesn’t matter what the activity is, just that there are activities.  I believe it is through the doing of life that we find the living of life.  And those who live it amongst us are often the folks who become members of our “found” family.  Birds of a feather and all that.

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Twitter’s Got My Back

I’m one of those folks that likes social media.  A whole bunch.  And my favorite is Twitter.  Twitter has become my “water cooler” of sorts – a place I have filled with folks who share many of my interests and pursuits.  Through Twitter I have “met” both in my cyber-world and IRL (in real life) lots of people who are interested in the same stuff I am today.  And that is great.

I have tried to explain Twitter to non-Tweeters and it never quite translates.  I’ve thought about why some folks like me L.O.V.E. Twitter and others are just “meh” about it and my only explanation comes down to this:  it’s all about community.  Some people are just more comfortable bellying up to the bar, so to speak, and making conversation.  The introvert may find a Twitter community a refreshing experience, while the extrovert may be frustrated. And reverse.

For me, the best part has been connecting with other writers, both Young Adult and non-YA writers.  My Twitter is like the perfect table in the cafeteria’s lunchroom.  A collection of great people who support one another in the ways they can.  Need a great recipe for lasagna?  I did and three of my Tweeps sent me theirs.  Need a hotel recommendation?  Restaurant recommendation?  Advice on bullying?  These are the kinds of tweets I share with my tweeps and then some.

And now, especially, I am thankful for my Twitter cafeteria table full of friends. I am heading out of the country tomorrow and instead of worrying about this blog and trying to find wi-fi and all those other bits of bloggery, all I have to worry about is the flight over, back, the train schedules, the subways, losing my passport and other such things.

Starting on Monday, there will be five guest blog posts here.  They are all my Twitter friends (well, I’ve known one for 32 years) and they all graciously agreed to write a blog post for me.

So please come back on Mondays and Fridays and read what my friends have written.  Their posts are a great mix of funny and serious, observations on parenting and life.  I cannot wait to read your comments!

And Twitter?  Thanks for having my back.