2-4-6-8 Here’s To The Bodies We Should Appreciate

I don’t know any women who actually like their bodies.  Oh, they might like some of the parts, but most don’t seem to like the whole kit-and-kaboodle.  And yet, the men in their lives don’t care what they look like.  Interesting, eh?  Likewise, most men I know admit, if you manage to catch them in a moment of truth-revelation, to wanting some body part being tweaked a tad bit.  This is a conundrum of vast proportions.  It also gives the psychiatric profession a high sense of job security.  Now, I know I’ve pointed out some of these same ideas before, but I’ve run across a little article that should give some women a bit more breathing room – and permission to have at least a small dish of ice cream.  

It appears that men like curvy women.  

Yeah, go ahead and have a cookie with your ice cream girls.

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The Booty-Full Body, or New Year’s Resolutions For All!

First off, let me just state  this simple fact:  I have a big butt.  We pear-shaped gals have lots going on in the butt-department, and not so much in the boob-department.  For me, this has long been a source of major emotional angst.  I’m a white girl – white girls are not supposed to have big butts, no matter how much Sir Mix-A-Lot likes them.  In my little social circles, a white girl with a big butt is, well, the butt of the jokes.

I have two choices:  move to a more ethnic neighborhood, or accept that this is the shape my particular chromosomal arrangement gave me and move on emotionally.  Frankly, I like my house.  So, perhaps my New Year’s Resolution should be to drop 15 pounds and find a way to be happy with the way I look – including my butt.

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Eyebrows and Swimsuits – Talk About Buzzkills

Sitting here in the sugar-coma haze of the post-Christmas gluttony, the last thing I want to ponder is the upcoming swim suit season.    At this point in my year, I can barely fit in my “fat pants” let alone think about baring myself to the elements and the sight of others.  But, one must plan ahead, and the time of yearly resolutions is nearly upon us.  So, I shudder and bring up the topics we would really rather not think about: unwanted facial hair and swimsuits.

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