Pinterest, Fight Club, Self-Harm, and Me

I bet you’re wondering what those 4 words have in common. I’ll probably tell you. But I’m warning you, this one is going to be raw. Unedited. I might even delete it. I don’t know. I just know today is not a good day and I am drowning under it all.

It is a classic February day here in the Northwest — gray and raining, the wind blowing the rain until it hits everything with a sharp sting. The smart folks are hunkered down in front of their fires with coffee and a good book, or otherwise sheltered from the rain. Me? I just got back from walking the dog in the cold wetness. I walk at a nearby college campus and I passed a surprising number of umbrellas. (Locals usually avoid umbrellas and go for good rain gear.)

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Overcast But Clearing

I suppose this title is more than just the current weather conditions in my little neck of the woods.  It also might be the forecast for me and my family, or maybe even yours.  In just a few hours I plan on taking my three kiddos for a play date.  A “slip n’ slide” kind of play date.  And so it was pretty much a given that regardless of the glorious 82 degree weather we had  yesterday, today dawned overcast and rather icky looking.  But a quick check out the window confirms what the weather channel tells me:  today will begin overcast but will clear until another glorious late afternoon and early evening.

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