The Play’s The Thing

Today won’t be much in the way of a blog post – it’s the last day of spring break as well as the last day of sunshine we’ll be getting for several days. So I’m off this morning to take the kids to do something. I don’t have a plan per se although my children would say I do have an agenda, but I do want to get them outside before the heavens unleash their wetness upon us. Continue reading


In A Flash

I was blessed to have a week of vacation with my family at the end of August. As a former coastline dweller, it is important to me to get some salt air in my lungs, feel some sand between my toes, a hear some sea life. It was a great trip to the beach! But then we were doubly blessed to spend some time over the mountains in the Bend area.

In case you are from some other place in the world, let this native Oregonian tell you a truth. There is something about this place. Trust me, it’s a beautiful and diverse place. Back in my Minnesota days, oh how I missed the mountains! Let me tell you, my heart got happier as soon as I saw Mt. Hood over the wing of the plane.

Anyway, it’s pretty great here. And there’s lots of things to do and see, especially if you like the great outdoors. Continue reading

Vacation Not-Terribly Deep Thoughts

Hello there dear readers. I have been on vacation with limited wifi during which I spent about 45 seconds stressing about whether I would blog or not while camping. Since I’ve been absent here, I obviously found a coping strategy. (Hint: liquor and S’Mores are quite helpful stress relievers.)

While I was traipsing about the wilds of Oregon, a few things came to me that I thought I would share with you. If my list inspires you to comment, feel free to add your own observations in the comments. After all, I can’t be the only one who notices things about folks. Continue reading

When A Time Out Is Needed

Ever since I was a kid, I’ve pondered parenting techniques and their efficacy. Now, I realize this is not standard ponder fare for most kids, but I’ve always been a bit odd. But even as a kid, I knew that my parents’ techniques weren’t going to be added to my parenting bag of tricks. (I should amend this right now to note I was referring to my father’s techniques. My mother’s “mean voice” seems to come out of my mouth with the most amazing ease. So it seems I should have been more specific in my proclamations back then.)

Let’s just say I’m too old to have gotten a time out so I could think about my actions. Continue reading

Answering the Call of Nature

In case you’re wondering how life is treating me, this is how:

from, photo taken by Stevoblue

from, photo taken by Stevoblue

 So check back on Monday for a return of pithy or not-so-pithy missives. In the meantime, I’m camping with my kiddos. As far as I’m concerned, that’s a pretty decent way of spending the first week of July.

Blessings everyone.

Greetings from Vacay

Hello all my lovelies. This is a “place saver” of sorts as I am away from my normal mode of all things bloggery. I promise to try to put up a proper blog post on Monday – I’m too jet-lagged right now to do more than snooze on my keyboard. 

But know this, not much soothes the soul of this old lady more than a pina colada on her favorite beach in the world…except maybe all the great readers and folks I’ve come to know through this blog. Be well friends, be well!