The Writer’s Way

For the past three days, I have technically been on vacation. Which is to say that for the past three days I have been both ignoring my normal life while completely living it. No, that isn’t a Mai Tai talking (or even my favorite, the Bahama Mama). What is talking are the primary roles I play in my life: mother, wife, writer, comedian. So the part of my life that pays for groceries and trips to Burgerville? That part I have completely ignored. Job? What job? I’m on vacation! But my kids, the comedy gig I have coming up in February, my writing, my sweetie…all on my mind most moments even here in Jamaica. (Well, obviously Mister Soandso is rather hard to forget, especially since he brings me all those Bahama Mamas from the bar!)

That tree there? It’s front and center in my favorite edit-cave ever. Although to be honest, I have had a bit of trouble staying focused on stuff like line edits and verb tense shifts. But do you blame me?

And this photo? A good example of what this vacation is: a combination of reading other writers (that is my friend Tawna Fenske’s debut novel Making Waves), editing my novel (that’s the 3-ring binder), and the very best friend, inspiration, and beta reader I could ever ask for (or at least Mister Soandso’s toes).


Yes, I’ll be ready to return home in a few days. But in the meantime, I’ll be enjoying every minute of this week on my favorite beach in the world. And something tells me that the scent of sunscreen on the pages of my novel will keep this vacation alive for several months to come!

Oh For Frack’s Sake, Get Real!

Yesterday I had thought I would write up some simply hysterical little blog post chronicling my totally insane day, but like most things, time changes everything.  As in, no way I want to relive yesterday even for the sake of making you laugh.  Also, I read my dear Twitter friend Tawna Fenske’s blog this morning and I just couldn’t help but let it inspire me.  Besides, just how interesting is my normal day anyway?  Yeah, I thought so.

So first off, I want to pose this:  what is real?  I remember my philosophy professor, David Boersema of Pacific University Oregon, laughing at my frustration when he posed such things in good ole Intro to Philosophy.  I am not the most philosophical of folks without the introduction of alcohol or other agents (I’m a regular hoot on morphine, OMG) so discussions on reality were not my favorite back in the undergraduate days of my youth.  Of course, now that I’ve found the wonderous properties of a good cabernet sauvignon, I’m much more likely to enjoy pondering what the hell is real.  But I still am fond of how Margery Williams said it, “Real isn’t how you are made…”

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