The Circle Will Round

We are creatures of habit, you and I. I can’t think of a single aspect of my life where my old habits don’t rise up and try to take over. In situations like flossing, that’s a pretty good coping strategy. But a plate of cookies on a stressful day or being sarcastic when angry…not so much.

I have another habit of circular speak. I don’t mean circular logic but something more along the lines of taking a long way around to get to my point. Back when I was teaching, I often would interrupt my lecture to tell students, “Hang in there. The circle will round.” The way my brain works simply isn’t in a short, straight path. Never has, and apparently never will be. Continue reading

Healing Aching Hearts

If you’ve been reading The Ten Minute Missive for very long, then you know we lost our dog on June 1. And, of course, I’m using the euphemism “lost” because even though I don’t like using euphemisms for death, when death is part of life for real and not in a theoretical fashion, I find myself pausing over saying the word. It’s as if his death is a speed bump that yes I can get over, but it slows me down at the oddest moments.

I miss his eyes. How his eyebrows raised when he was wondering why on earth I wasn’t taking him for a walk. Again. And I miss how “old soul” his eyes were. Continue reading