Coming Soon to a DVD Near You

Yesterday my husband and I fenagled a date afternoon and headed off to see Inception (um, wow!) which is the first time I’ve seen a movie in a theater since New Year’s.  Yes, I can be a sad panda at times.  After the movie, we decided to take the opportunity to go really hog-wild and stopped at a local watering hole for a drinkie and some cajun sustenance.  Afterwards as we ambled back to the car, we happened to notice a larger than usual assortment of military vehicles parked on our Main Street.  Odd, very odd.  (The military trucks, not our ambling or owning a car.)

Being the whiz-bangs we are, we decided to investigate the hulabaloo and guess who found themselves standing on the edge of a movie set?  Yep, little ole me and the hubster too.

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