Pausing to Breathe

Fall arrived up here on the hill and with it a lashing rain against my window, blowing the leaves to the ground. I don’t mind. This is what fall does — it reminds us of how the winds blow, how life is a series of impermanent moments.

But as the rain rattles against the glass, I am mostly glad for this quiet moment coaxing me to just sit.

To sit and breathe in life and this moment and the chance to pause. Continue reading

When You’re Scratchy

Hi folks. How have you been? I hope well. In fact, I hope your dial has gone far enough past well to put you into the fantastic land. Because who doesn’t want to be fantastic? Me, I’ve been fine. Could have been finer, but could have also been lots worse, so I’m not complaining. I have, however, been more scratchy than usual.

In case you are wondering, it isn’t uncommon for me to be scratchy. Continue reading

When Creative Passion Takes A Backseat

I know that according to my bio, I may appear to be one of those creative types, but that appearance is much better on paper than in real life. No whimsical long skirts or beaded necklaces here. No clouds of patchouli or dread locks. Nope, I look like I could be an accountant or maybe a cashier at the grocery store.

What’s more, I never have been a poster child for creativity. I was a serious child who didn’t play like other kids. I didn’t play with dolls much, I didn’t dream about my future husband and plan out my children whom I would name Sebastian and Josephine. I didn’t create play worlds out of my Tinker-Toys and Lego. I was a strange little child, indeed. Continue reading

When You Just Can’t

Today’s post is really a non-post. It can’t even be considered a place-saver because I know I won’t come back to fix it. Because somedays you just can’t. And today is one of those days. As a blogger, when you just can’t think of anything to write, it’s a ugly pickle to find yourself in.

Actually, I have lots of things I’m thinking about. I just don’t have any thoughts that want to hang together in some small semblance of cohesive thoughts. In other words, it even more drivel-ly drivel than usual. I guess my brain isn’t braining very well today.

My heart is sad and my to-do list has been making bullet-point babies. I’ve overwhelmed and stressed out. The hives are literally popping out on my hands and arms. So today, I’m crossing “write today’s blog post” off the list and hoping you’ll come back on Friday.

Because Friday will have to be better than this, right?

Please come check on me then. Bring some coffee or chocolate or bawdy jokes. Or even bad jokes (like this one which is a personal fav:  What is brown and sticky?  A stick.)

I’ll see you then.

Missed Opportunities: Scratching and Dreams

Lately I’ve been scratching myself a lot. Like enough to be socially awkward. I should probably figure out what’s causing this itching, but I have a pretty good idea. I’m not worried, just itchy. Back in college I would get hives between my fingers and on my wrists the week before mid-terms and finals. Every single time. Imagine how brilliant my GPA could have been without all that itching and scratching back then. Somehow, the awarding  of my bachelor’s degree magically cured my itchy habit and I pretty much forgot about it.

But I appear to be back to my old itchy ways. I’m not totally sure why as there are no graduate classes filling my time, but I hazard it is the same poorly fashioned coping skill at work. If I go see my doctor, the first question will be “Are you under any stress?” And my response will be obscured by laughter. Stress? Of course I’ve got stress going on in my life. I’m a parent, spouse, part-time employee working closer to full-time these days, and writer by night. Sleep is a precious commodity in my life, just like her best friends: relaxation, me-time, and joy.

Pardon me while I scratch a bit more. Continue reading