Community Certainly Centers

Many thanks to all my readers who wished me good luck on running the Hood to Coast 2011.  I did indeed run all three of my legs and can now call myself a Hood to Coaster, or some such thing.  You know I must have had a good time if I’ve already signed up for another run on October 2nd, the Great Columbia Crossing. And I did have a good time running Hood to Coast.  There is a lot to be said for having accomplished a goal, but it is even more powerful to be part of something bigger than you, bigger than the daily experience.

I went to work on Sunday a bit stiff, but it was great to have the opportunity to talk immediately about the race and what the race really reminded me of:  I am a part of a community.  And the role of community in our lives certainly centers us in ways that solitude cannot.  Community brings us back into a fold that reminds us of the connectivity of humanity and how being connected reaffirms our very existence. Continue reading