Curiosity, Cats, and Me

Today is the start of spring break for my kids and I don’t have much planned. Well, aside from letting them sleep in and spoiling them more rotten than usual. But as far as the typical spring break plans of taking trips or seeing new sights goes, we’re not doing that. Rather than invoking fancy terms like “stay-cation,” I’m just focusing on the break part.

Because that is what we need. A break from schedules and hectic and overwhelm. A break from all that stuff that distracts us from what really matters and that’s spending time together.

But one thing we will not be taking a break from doing is being curious. Continue reading

Want Versus Need…Stuff and Space

Yesterday I took my three kids to a “super shopping center.”  It was just as traumatic as you might imagine.  Normally I do all I can to limit taking all three on excursions such as this because Littlest has a very hard time with the concept of “not getting anything.”  We practice, role-model, get mean, cajole, the whole parenting bag of tricks.  It never goes smoothly.  Yesterday was no different. 

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