Pringle Haters, or That’s How The Story Really Goes

I was introducing my tired mind to the day’s happenings (via MSNBC) and came across this lovely little ditty, “All The Pringle Haters” ( ) and had to just giggle.  A lot.  Which made the cat look at me in that way again, like when I snort coffee out of my nose and such things.  She’s such a judger.  But whatever.

Because the essence of the article is how we often get song lyrics wrong.  Talk about timely, since I just blogged on the whole song lyric thingy going down in my life (Mama What’s This One About? ).  (BTW, would somebody remind me that the ping-back to my blog was just self-generated.  The last time this happened, I was on cloud 9 for about a week before I realized it was just me.  Reality bites sometimes.)

Anyhoo, I never have a freakin’ clue what song lyrics really are – probably because I usually only hear the radio in my mom-van which means there’s non-stop chatter going on in the background.  But if the truth be told, sometimes, I really think my version of reality is better.  On most subjects actually.

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