Life Before Instagram

My oldest child has a cell phone. The reasons behind his having one are much the same as most parents cite. And the results of his having a phone are probably similar to other teens like him. He texts friends, calls me for rides home from school, and gives me the view of the top of his head more often than I’d like.

Isn’t that just like me to want more of his attention?

However, his attention is what I vie for right along with the apps and websites he visits on his cellphone. Just like nearly all the rest of us, Biggest gives much of his attention to his phone and what he finds there. More than once he’s said something like, “I was reading on Instagram.” Continue reading

Favorites and Likes in Social Media

One of the things that struck me years ago is the fact that we humans tend to assume that other folks will react to a situation in a similar fashion as ourselves. And when they don’t, either comedy or tragedy ensues (in the literary sense at the very least). While I had, of course, mastered this understanding as a child maneuvering through the emotional land mines of family life, it really was brought home at work. One coworker did “a” and coworker assumed that was the wrong thing to do because she would have done “b” and all kinds of interesting times occurred.

This is the stuff of which made-for-tv and commercial fiction is made.

But it is also a driving force behind pretty much everything else. And no place like social media illustrates that point better.

Continue reading

Being Thankful for the Great State of Randomousity

Between hearing a young friend has a healthy baby boy after an emergency C-Section and the upcoming day of Thanksgiving, I’m feeling both thankful and thoughtful. And whenever I get thoughtful before noon, things are likely to get random. Because as we all know, I earned the nickname “The Random Ah” for good reason. Some thankful-for-worthy things that are flitting through my head and in no particular order because that is the way they flit, are as follows:

  1. Holey moley, thank goodness that all three of my kiddos were born healthy and aside from some at-the-time scary or interesting bits, their arrivals into this world were absolutely mundane in their normalness.
  2. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday because it is about being together in community rather than giving and receiving stuff. Love that. So. Much. Continue reading