Snow Days Thinking Days

Here in my bit of the northwest, we don’t get much of the white stuff. We can, however, drive for not too terribly long and have lots of the stuff in case you are feeling sorry for me. So you can imagine the types of emotions and driving experiences for the mighty fine folks here as we experience several inches of snow.

The words “snow” and “day” are pretty much all it takes to summarize those things.

It also brings to mind how different one reacts to news of a snow day based purely on two things: are you an adult or a child, and are you able to work from home or are you required to get to a work place by a certain time. Either of these scenarios mightily impacts the snow day allure, let me tell you. Continue reading

Winter Weather Woes

I live in the part of the United States that typically misses what many other parts receive in bucket loads:  snow.  So I was a wee bit skeptical when I started hearing weather reports last weekend that a snowpocalypse was heading my way.  I dutifully checked several weather reports and lo and behold, all of them had that lovely little snowflake action for many of this week’s days.  Wow!  A snowstorm!  Yippee!!!

I think we got about 20 flakes and some heavy frost out of the deal.

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