Why Would I Want That?

My Monday morning started just like they all do…me stumbling out to the kitchen to whip up some elixir o’ life, aka coffee.  And, just like most mornings, I gave a wee bit of my synaptic energy to recognizing yet again that my new-ish coffee grinder doesn’t have the ability to wrap the cord around it due to the stylish tapered design.  Now, this is a coffee grinder more than one step up from basic and includes some nifty doo-dads like a removable basket.  But somewhere along the R&D process, some yahoo must have responded “Why would I want that?” when the concept of cord-storage came up.  And I’m here to tell you, if anybody asks you about things you might someday want, you probably should take a few moments to think about your answer.  Because most of us, we like things to look good and be functional.

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