Thankful For My Muse

Now is a good time to start thinking about all the good stuff in your life – a nearly full jar of Nutella, fur ball medication, happy cashiers at the grocery store.  OR, perhaps all the people who make your life better.  I was reading  Noah Lukeman’s writing blog this morning and I started doing the “who makes me who I am” thing.  Anybody else prone to such pondering?

Obviously, my kids generate the vast majority of my thoughts and musings – either here or when I’m doing comedy on stage.  So perhaps my loudest thank you needs to go to them.  But they aren’t why I write.  They are usually why mama needs a adult beverage additive to her morning coffee.  [giggle]  I actually write because of three folks.

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“But I’m Your Super Best Buddy FOREVER!”

One thing that families with only one child miss out on is the camaraderie, and coinciding lack-there-of, between their children.  To be honest, sometimes I look back with something more than just fondness for the days when my oldest child had no one to fight with.  Of course, the rare times he actually plays with his siblings makes up for that wistfulness on my part.  But I have three kiddos which means that there are just a whole bunch of relationship dynamics happening at our house, compounded by my own capricious moods.  However, the relationship most fun (and torturous at times)  to watch unfold, is between my 6 year old daughter and 3 year old son.  For the most part, they are best buddies.

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Kids, Shovels, Rocks and Dirt

All I have to say about home ownership is this:  sometimes, it really stinks.  Like when you’re the one cleaning up the dog poop.  Literally and figuratively.  So the hubby, kiddos, and I spent the day working on grading the side yard.  This meant moving the 4 yards of dirt from the excavation of our new foundation from the side yard to other places.   I’m not sure who got more dirty, but the tub had mud in it.  Seriously.

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