No Body For Fashion

Last weekend Mister Soandso and I attempted an almost-weekend-away. We managed 21 hours before we needed to come back home and collect a vomiting Littlest. But the 21 hours were quite grand. I was briefly transported back to that awesome hotel this morning as I attempted to wash my hair. As is my normal approach, I took a shower before putting in my contacts. And since I had brought home those cute little bottles from the hotel bathroom and since I was in the mood to be reminded of that great almost-weekend-away, I washed my hair with the hotel shampoo. And then proceeded to put the complimenting and complimentary lotion on my hair instead of the conditioner. This is what happens when you try to operate outside your normal confines.

And I don’t operate very well outside my normal confines, that is for sure.

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Genetic Testing Needed for CFA

Do you ever wonder how it is that your children seem most easily to inherit your worst features?  Perhaps they missed the big ears or wide nose, but sure as shoot-dang, if you’ve got a hummer of a bad temper, they’ll get it in spades.  I am thinking that perhaps my husband and I should have remained childless.  Oh, we make cute babies, that’s not the problem.  It’s just that they have some serious deficiencies, namely in the “Can’t Find Anything” department.  I really think genetic testing should be available for this sort of thing.

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