The REAL Secret – Revealed

If you have been in a relationship with a member of the opposite sex for more than a month, or perhaps just longer than 12 minutes, you may have noticed that while the two genders seem to coexist in a natural balance, something just isn’t quite right.  As in, I don’t think we’re from different planets.  Nope.  I think we might be different species.  So, just like living with say a gorilla might have it’s challenges, so does living with your significant other.

I’ve been married for 16 years and for the most part, I can say things have been as peachy-keen as you could ask for out of a relationship.  Well, there is that leaving the cupboard doors open thing, but whatever.  We don’t fight, we enjoy spending time with one another, heck we still even think one another is cute.  It’s just that sometimes I look at that man and think to myself, “Is he nuts?”

Funny thing is, he wonders the same thing about me.

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