Summer Time And The Livin’ Is…All About Perspective

Today marks the first day of summer break for my kids and it looks to be a glorious day here in the Northwest. I love it. But I wasn’t always such a big fan of summer break.

Growing up on a farm, summer break meant more chores. And lots more of the back-breaking work of a farm. Bucking hay bales may have given me greatly defined arms, but it was not picnic, let me tell you. For all of my young years, summer meant I had to leave school, which was my sanctuary, and be at home. So while my classmates skipped and sang their way out of the building every June, I left a bit more hesitantly. I much preferred the hard “mental” work of school to the hard “physical” work of the farm. Continue reading

The Days of Summer

Yesterday was the first day of summer break for my kids and I. I include myself in that because with the first day of summer break I can leave my alarm clock silenced for almost every day of the week. In reality, I get up at the same time year-round due to the furry alarm clocks living in my house, but there is something nice about being able to not set an alarm.

And I think that is the precise reason so many of us look forward to whatever breaks there be in our typical schedule. Perhaps those breaks come only twice a week, or on vacation days taken from work. Those breaks from the typical that make us number days on the calendar and give us something to look forward to…and in this case, summer.

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