Are You An Expert?

I moved back to the northwest in 2004. I came back with two kids, no job, and no husband…at least for five days of the week. It took Mister Soandso almost a full year to get a job here and so he commuted back to the Minneapolis area until then. (You know you’ve been living in hotels for too long when you get handwritten Christmas cards from them.) And while it was good to be back in the land of my birth, it was a terrible time for me in many ways. The worst was the realization of how horrid a single parent I was. Well, not all the time. But let’s just say there were times I never want to relive again.

But being a some-of-the-time-single-parent to those two kids at that precise time also had some bright spots.

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What To Do When the Kids Aren’t Funny

I usually have no problem mining my life for things to write about, but of late, my kids just haven’t been funny.  Cute, yes.  Funny, no.  I think they are in the pre-Christmas ramp-up.  You know that oh so short period of time when the kids put aside their differences in hopes of getting on and staying on Santa’s Good List.  So, what is a mom to do?  Aside from basking in every second of the bicker-less time?  Well, not pine for their normal selves, that’s for sure.

My littlest man told me yesterday, “Mama.  I love you ssssooooo much.  You are the best mama in the world.”

After wrenching my back while running to write that little gem in the baby book as evidence for a later date, I was reminded of the season.  “Hey mom, here’s my Christmas wish list.”

So, what to do when the kids aren’t funny?  I don’t know, but at the moment I’m vacuuming and trying to convince the little man that he really should wear socks if he doesn’t like the feel of blisters.