No Balls This Year

One of the wonderful things about my life is how many traditions I have with my family and friends. Creating traditions is what grounds me to the good stuff, ya know? And so, its a bit of a downer to admit how many traditions aren’t going to happen this year.

Amazing what a difference a year makes.

If you’ve been reading this blog (and thank you, by the way if you have!) you know that my family moved from our home of 10 years and are building a new one. There are lots of great reasons to do something like this but it also can cause issues and obstacles to occur. Continue reading

Almost Famous Traditions

While they occur all year long, there is nothing like the end of the year’s traditions to tug at a person’s heartstrings. Which is odd when you think about it. Lots of folks have a tradition relating to say, the Fourth of July, but few get choked up about going to a certain park, eating certain foods, and watching certain lights. But make that the end of December and folks get all the “feels” about doing basically the same thing indoors.

I, of course, am speaking of myself mostly.

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