The Wonder of One

There’s this notion that having only one of a thing is a good thing. Of course, that notion flies in the face of the adage “you can never have enough of too much of a good thing” and probably a whole host of other idioms that are not coming to my coffee-free mind as of yet.

Now that I’ve had my first sip of French Roast, I should probably amend that paragraph.

According to the common idioms of life in the US, it is very confusing as which is more beneficial: having a whole bunch of something, or having only one of them. I’m guessing the deal-breaker goes to quality over quantity. And that is the wonderful aspect of one that I’m talking about.

When Mister Soandso and I were packing up things, we got to the point where time was in shorter supply than we wanted. I refuse to get to the “black plastic bags” level of packing, so we just got more coffee and packed faster. But I swore to Mister Soandso that just because we were moving two boxes labelled “bathroom” to our apartment, I would not be moving more than one box to the new house. Continue reading