The Power of One or Many

A man known as Sweetness once said, “We are stronger together than when we are alone.” It is easy to think that Walter Payton was simply talking about life as a Chicago Bears football player; it is easier to think about Sweetness rallying his team to work together. But it is better to think of Walter being one of us regular folk whose only experiences with a pigskin is to toss it around in the summer sun. Because “Sweetness” Walter Payton was right on the money on this one…


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Rocking Chairs and Banana Bread

I’m in a worrisome way folks. It’s because I created a baking disaster. The kind of baking disaster that makes you think about your own mortality.

What? You know you do this too.  And if you don’t, I don’t want to know about it.

So there is this quote. An adage, if you will. It’s in a movie I didn’t see and a white dude who made first a pile of cash for his athletic prowess and then by motivating folks apparently said it. The thing is, he’s wrong. And I feel pretty confident in saying that not simply because he was sentenced to 7 years for a pyramid scheme. (It always comes down to following the money. Every dang time.) Continue reading