Enough Good Surprises

Back when I was pregnant with Biggest, the topic de jour was the gender of my unborn baby. To the folks who would ask, I always said the same thing, “I decided to not find out the baby’s gender.” Most folks’ reaction was of raised eyebrows, which then led to my remark:

There just aren’t enough good surprises.

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Celebrating Mariam Kobras’ “Under the Same Sun”

Today is the first day of my 44th year on this planet. I’m happy to say that while I don’t have the wrinkles of someone with over four decades of life experiences, my heart is full of them! One of the best experiences I had this year was becoming one of Buddhapuss Ink’s authors because doing so allowed me to meet Mariam Kobras. It is my honor to host Mariam for my first ever blog hop to celebrate both Mariam and her newest book, Under the Same Sun. Continue reading

With Eyes of Hope

These days I’m busy with the business of becoming an author, a “real” writer. There are agent websites to read, Publisher’s Marketplace postings to analyze, words to polish. And, of course, a new writing project to put real time and effort into. There are new characters to make alive and so these are busy days in deed.

Today is Columbus Day which is a holiday of sorts. Some kids have the day off from school, some don’t. Some businesses are closed, some aren’t. Some think little of this day and some think quite a bit. The historian in me sees this day as a good example of how the winners of wars get to write the history of those wars. The mother in me remembers a very labor-filled day 9 years ago. That year Columbus Day was October 12th. It was a hopeful day for me.

This year Columbus Day is the 8th and is hopeful for different reasons. Those reasons reflect where I am in my life journey. And I’m no less hopeful today. Continue reading