For Whom the Wedding Bell Tolls

The wedding season is upon us.  And I, like so many, am feeling giddy.  Because let’s face it, everybody loves a wedding.  And while the tabloids are quite interested in the upcoming wedding of Prince Will and Almost-Princess Kate, the wedding that I am most interested in is my sister’s.  Which is tomorrow.  Which brings one of those, “Whaaaa?  Where did the time go?!?!” reactions as I peruse my wedding-preparation to-do list and notice how much is left to check off.  But her wedding will happen regardless and by tomorrow night what did or did not get checked off of a list will no longer be important.  The only important thing will be that the wedding happened.  All the little hiccups involved?  They just become the fodder for great stories and memories in the future.

Because as we all know, weddings include little boxes getting checked off that the lovely couple may not have anticipated.  So, in honor of weddings and their excitement, let me share some of my own wedding hiccups.

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