Wet Women in Their 40s

People who know me well know that I don’t have a spontaneous bone in my body. Well, I might but my uptight “stick-in-the-mud” nature prohibits much spontaneity. So when I got a Facebook invite to join a friend celebrating her 50th birthday, my initial reaction was “oh that’s neat. I think I’ll load the dishwasher now.” But then I thought about it.

Just how many times does a friend turn 50? (Captain Obvious, I know.) And besides, the language of the event was too charming to resist: “Crossing over the Morrison Bridge to my 50’s (this bridge in Portland is 53 yrs old!) – come and join the CANDLE VIGIL for my Forties and walk with me as I enter the 50’s! All are welcome! We are crossing the Morrison Bridge -midway I will do a reading of “Ode to Desire”, and once across on the East side, dessert for all! Anyone who would like to join in is welcome!” Sounds like a hoot, doesn’t it? So I asked Mister Soandso what he thought, and then I tweeted, “So, should I join a friend celebrating her 50th birthday? And by celebrate I mean booze and chocolate.”

Everybody who responded said pretty much the same thing: Are you crazy? Go get your keys right now.

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The Importance of Letting Go

For being a fairly bright person, I have a tendency to be a slow learner.  I say it’s a feature, but I suspect others view it to be more of a system malfunction of sorts.  I’m especially daft when it comes to certain subjects.  Percentages and letting go for example.

I sport a five inch scar below my left knee from the last time I water-skied. And even though there were 28 stitches involved, it wasn’t my most traumatic experience that features my body, a swimsuit and a power boat.  No, that would be the last time I water-skied in Oregon.

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