Friday It Up!

Earlier this morning I tweeted “Advil starting to kick in. Ah…let’s Friday it up, folks.” In quick succession, two of my Twitter folks responded to that tweet which got me thinking about gerunds, social media, and Fridays. As one does, obviously.

First off, I adore the community I have carved out for myself on Twitter. The folks I follow are largely folks I’d actually want to go have coffee with, or people whom making small talk would be fun and not a challenge. Does that make sense? There are lots and lots of people whose company I enjoy when I’m around them, but having conversations with me require me to engage my full-extrovert-skills. Somedays I just don’t have that in me. Because I’m a creative type which means all that natural extroversion takes a toll. In other words, my extroverted self is balanced against a soul which can easily be trampled by all the noise and energy of mishmashing people. Continue reading

Do You Have a Dismal Perspective?

Back in August I signed up to do my first 10k race. It seemed like a good idea at the time, what with a really fun Hood to Coast under my runner’s belt. The fact that I signed up for The Great Columbia Crossing on a day when the sun was shining and my thermometer read 89 degrees most likely influenced my decision to run a race that starts at a place named “Dismal Nitch.” Amazing how perspective makes all the difference in just about everything.

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