Ruled By The Numbers

For as long as I can remember, numbers have controlled me.  Numbers such as birth order, height, GPAs, IQ, salaries, pregnancies, loans.  I have collected numbers along my life path just like everyone else bumbling along.  Some of those numbers have brought me great joy (such as the years I’ve been married or the number of kids I have) while others have carried a sting.  And for a non-math-loving girl, this numerical influence chafes.

But perhaps the most influential number, on a daily basis, is my weight.  I cannot even estimate how many good moods I have had torpedoed by the simple act of stepping on a scale.  Last week, one of my CrossFit inspirations shared a link to Primitive Stimulus’s blog post on reducing the influence of the scale in our lives. It also happens that the day before she linked Jason Seib’s blog I started my day in my traditional manner:  use the potty, weigh myself, make coffee.  By the second act of my day, my previously good mood had evaporated at seeing a number I just really, really didn’t like.  Poof!  A great mood gone.

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