The Importance of Letting Go

For being a fairly bright person, I have a tendency to be a slow learner.  I say it’s a feature, but I suspect others view it to be more of a system malfunction of sorts.  I’m especially daft when it comes to certain subjects.  Percentages and letting go for example.

I sport a five inch scar below my left knee from the last time I water-skied. And even though there were 28 stitches involved, it wasn’t my most traumatic experience that features my body, a swimsuit and a power boat.  No, that would be the last time I water-skied in Oregon.

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Things You Don’t Want To Hear

Boy, now this could be a long, long list.  Couldn’t it?  And since there are 3 sweet little angels in my world, I’ve heard way more than I ever thought I could survive hearing.  I mean, how many times can a girl hear, “Wipe me!!!!” without there being a bit of residual trauma?  But, even for me, I’ve hit a new low.

There are a few laws of nature that you just can’t ignore.  Gravity being one.  But when you add speed to gravity, throw in a pinch of “two items cannot occupy the same place at the same time” and just a wee bit of bad luck, things can get exciting.  And, loud.

In this case, it was the sound of my nose making contact with my 3 year old’s head.

If this ever happens to you, I recommend ice, pain relievers, and lots of tissue.

Stories?  Feel free to share.  Because while it’s hard to do many things with an ice pack on your face, I can still read comments.