Dilbert Wouldn’t Appreciate My To-Do List

I have a “To-Do List” just like everybody else driven to create such a beast. I know there are folks who don’t use them and there was a time when I didn’t either. But I have one now. It typically lives inside my head where it screams obscenities and insults at me. And wouldn’t you know the nasty beast has a good vocabulary too?

Back in the days of my Life Without a To-Do List (it largely coincides with the Life Before Kids) I was rather dismissive of the folks with To-Do Lists. Why use a piece of paper when you could just remember everything you need to do? But now, I am totally not dismissive of anyone using a To-Do List–primarily because I am so dang submissive to my own.

My To-Do List rules my life.

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When Things Turn Out…Differently

You know those pesky best laid plans of mice and men that often go astray? Yes, that. So I had a plan. And now I have a new one. Actually, since my plan to dramatically lose a gazillion pounds by eating more carrot sticks isn’t working out like I’d hoped, I suppose I have two new plans. And shoot-dang, neither one includes vast amounts of chocolate or chocolate liqueurs. They do, however, include a good attitude and soap.

I’ll skip my nonexistent weight loss plan. After all, people’s diets are about as interesting as their vacation photos. So I’ll skip right on over to my other plan. Because ya know, skipping burns more calories.

Last fall, I had this great plan to reduce and simplify my life by vast amounts. We all know I dream of living in an IKEA-inspired world but since I don’t want to leave my husband and kids or get a police record for trespass, I am forced to attempt to reign in the chaos of my life and living spaces. It’s good to have a plan for such things. Mostly so you can see how pretty the dream was as opposed to the gritty reality of your life.

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