The OCD Writer

This has been on my mind lately, so I’m blogging about my lack of sanity rather than writing any short fiction. Hope you, my dear reader, can cope with that. I’m not really OCD, although I do have enough OCD tendencies from my anxiety and PTSD that I can leave lots of checkmarks on any OCD checklist. So, I suppose this title is a bit deceiving, especially if your only notion of OCD is repetitive hand washing and such things.

If you’ve been reading this blog for very long, you know that I periodically make mention of the novel I wrote. Yep, I’m one of those wacky folks who not only had a gazillion documents in various stages of completion on her hard drive, but I even finished one. Thank you, btw, for not asking me how it’s been going with the “get that thing published” process. Because there’s so much more to getting a book published than most folks ever know. Continue reading

The Power of the Library

I love books.  I love to read books, to smell books, to touch books and I love talking about books.  There has been no time in my life that I have not been surrounded by books.  Which means there has been no time in my life when the whole world has not been available to me.  Never have I been unable to travel to an African village, or an Amish community, or a planet past the stars.  So the most powerful place in the world, in my opinion, is a library with its stacks and stacks of portals into other worlds.

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