Chili, Lasagna, and Paganism

Peeking out my window at various times today has shown the day to be alternating parts of overcast, sunny, and cloudy.  Stepping out the door proved that we were not having a heat wave either.  I don’t know about the other folks in the the Northwest, but this feels too much like early spring rather than the first day of summer.   In fact, the temperatures have me thinking about cold weather foods like steaming bowls of chili or plates of lasagna.  Sigh.  Looks like the barbecue will need to wait a few more days.

But since the weather is not lending itself to grilling steaks and corn on the barbie, I am in the mood for some good ole recipe diving.  You know, that process of reading lots of recipes on a given “food” and then making up my own little version.  Which almost always is quite awesome and rarely reproducible.  I think the best part is just how many ways there are of making something delicious to serve to my family. Continue reading