Loving A Teen Shouldn’t Suck So Much

I have a teenager. Biggest is thirteen years old, his voice has gone to that crazy place of deeper valleys and broken crags; his feet seem too large for his body. There is no way I can ignore that he is a teenager very near the cusp of the man he will,  one day and all too soon it seems, become. And yesterday, loving him sucked so much.

I suppose I should be more clear – I adore my son. I love him with all my old lady heart. And loving him doesn’t suck. Except when it sucks my old lady heart out and leaves it hurting. Continue reading

Memories of School – Or Ways to Ruin Your Day

If you were not one of the cool kids, there is a real easy way to make yourself start to feel a bit down.  Just think about being in school.  Not much can take you down the dark road of a personal pity party faster than remembering just how awful your formative years really were.  Good thing there’s always a steady supply of chocolate and coffee at my house to help me overcome these moments of weakness of mine – moments when I remember just what a dork I was as a kid.  The following is my script from last night’s performance of The Time Out Show:  The Mother of All Comedies.  Hope it gives you some laughs, or at least a reason to reach for the chocolate.

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