The Universe Gave Me The Hook

Do you ever get the feeling like the universe is messing with you? Like there’s a body out there with a voodoo doll and getting a real good chuckle at your expense? I don’t mean those times when things go real bad and your heart hurts. I mean the Murphy’s Law sorts of things. That kind of jerked-around-by-the-universe kind of stuff.

I’m hope that if there is indeed a voodoo doll wielding person out there, s/he has giggled her/himself right into wet undies. (Yes, I did just hope a voodoo doll wielder suffers from incontinence. No, I don’t see a huge issue with this. After all, the only voodoo that works is in relation to a pink box with doughnuts inside of it, right?) Continue reading

Ouch Monday

What is it about Mondays that make folks talk about them in less than glowing terms? Do more bad things happen on Mondays or are we simply prepared to see things in a worse light on Monday mornings?

I’m not sure but mine sure isn’t going so awesomely. I’m not sure if today was a Thursday if I’d just shrug it off or if it would still feel like an attack of the Mondays. Continue reading

Must Be A Monday

I normally blog first thing Monday and Friday mornings. I have a little ritual on those mornings. I get my older kids off to school, I get my youngest child engrossed in an activity, I make another cup of caffeine, and I sit down at my computer and write. But, that’s not what’s happening today.

Instead, the change to our internet, which I have a letter stating shall take place after 5 pm, rendered my Internet null and void at something closer to 8 am. Also, being my children are on Spring Break, my peace and quiet is also null and void.

Continue reading