Weird Things Happen When You’re Pregnant

This morning as I sat with my head between my knees battling nausea, I was reminded of all the weird things that happen to a body when that body is female and pregnant. What’s even weirder is when that body’s baby is now 6.5 years old and the weirdness still happens.

With my previous pregnancies I had the typical morning (aka All Damn Day) sickness and typical aches and pains. But with Littlest, I developed an intolerance to drinking water first thing in the morning. The first time it happened I was in the kitchen getting breakfast for Biggest and Middlest. I was bleary-eyed and bath-robed. I remember thinking, “I should be more conscious of drinking water throughout the day” and I drank a glass of water. And I immediately vomited the whole thing back up.

Since that day, if I drink water first thing in the morning, it makes me nauseous, even to the point of vomiting.

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