Love When The Forecast Is For 90

Today has been one of those days. Not necessarily bad, just not the kind you want to have your own personal Groundhog Day modeled after. Case in point? I got to chat with the dude from the gas company while wearing my “grandmotherly” bathrobe and my hair standing on end. I bet he wishes he hadn’t come to my door right then. I suppose the bright side of the whole catastrophe is the fact that by being freshly showered instead of my pajamas he may have assumed I was some health nut who’d been exercising for three hours. Of course, we all know I was swilling coffee and writing, but whatever. Continue reading

I Don’t Like Surprises

A few weeks ago my husband noted that key aspects of my personality hinge upon the fact that I don’t like surprises. That Mister Soandso, what a smartie. I suppose living with someone for two decades does give a person some insight. Because he is absolutely correct: I don’t like surprises.

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