Happy Times Taste Like Hotdogs

This past weekend was an emotionally tough one for me while at the same time being a pretty decent one. I know, that doesn’t make sense to me either. I suppose it would be more clear if I were to say that my weekend had some highs and lows but for the most part, I felt more stable than not.

Of course, Mister Soandso disagreed with me when I said basically that same thing but what does he know. He isn’t inside my head. Which we can all agree is a a good thing. Continue reading

The Last of This Moment

Hello there. I know, it’s been a bit longer than a long while. Sorry about that. Sometimes my brain isn’t getting enough roughage and all I can manage is one big brain-fart after another. That’s no place to blog from, right? Let’s hope this moment of clarity maintains. Or whatever.

Today is Friday. And in my school district, it is the last Friday of summer vacation. My kids go back to school next Wednesday. I don’t think there is a life-form in our house that is happy about this fact. Yes, you read that right. Even the mom isn’t looking forward to school starting.

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Ode to Toast

First off, this isn’t an ode. Not in the real, Webster’s definition, kind of way. It’s more of a blog about toast. Maybe a blogode? Or what ee cummings would have written about toast if he was a toast-eating, ode-eating dude in 2013 with a blog. Whatever, this is about toast. If you can’t handle my mangling of the ode format, you need more toast in your life. Continue reading

Putting the Brakes On This Old Train

Today I am thinking about a conversation that took place on my midwife’s exam table accompanied by the sound of crinkling paper. I’ve mentioned earlier on this blog about the time my midwife remarked what a gift it is to be responsible for making the memories of our children. It freaked me out then and it’s still freaking me out now, 13 years later. And since pregnancy is the hot topic of today’s news thanks to Kate Middleton’s upcoming prince or princess, the role of parenting and our children’s ensuing memories seems apropos. At least to me.

Because it is the holidays and I’m not so good at this time of year.

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