Blood: A Life’s Story


A whole life story is held in a single drop.

Genetic codes and rh factors. Paternity cases and diseases.
Hope and a miracle. A life’s story, indeed all the lives and stories
Depend upon drops of blood.

The scraped knees from first rides without training wheels.
The altercations on play fields and behind bleachers.
The emotions brought by a first period’s arrival.
The cracked lips of a Minnesota winter.
The spreading wetness following the crack of a gunshot.
The slowly filling bag at the donation center.

It’s always with us.
And only when we see it in places we shouldn’t
Do we remember to be thankful.
Thankful for the blood that tells of a whole life in a single drop.

On Monday we found out Littlest is sick. Really sick.

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Colic and Rashes – Let’s Play Stump the Doc

You don’t have to be doing this parenting gig for long before you realize just how easy it is to stump the doc.  I guess that’s why it’s called, “practicing medicine.”  Because sometimes, they just don’t know.  BUT, I am pretty sure there is a day in some class that all doctors take where they learn how to play the medical equivalent of poker.

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