“Mama, What’s This One About?”

One of the things those “What to Expect” books don’t adequately prepare you for is just how many times you need to know the correct answer as a parent.  (Do you hear that, all you teens who want to have a baby?!?!  Get an education before you get “parent” added to your resume.  It will help!) Not that I would have chosen to not parent based on it, but still…it can drive a person a bit cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs sometimes.  We all joke about the “why is the sky blue” type of questions that toddlers and preschoolers like to pepper their parents with, but really, those are the tame ones.  You not only need to know the answers, but they need to be the correct answers.  (Note, if you haven’t thought about how you’re going to explain sex and all that jazz, you might go buy a book or something.  Because there is just slightly more than a split second between counting the number of your child’s bowel movements per day and conversations that have lasting impact – let me tell you.)

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