Succumbing to Cuteness or Why I Got a Cat

Ever find yourself oohing and awwwing over those pictures that litter the inter-webs, the ones that fill your Facebook, Twitter, and Reddit? You know the ones of a mama dog cuddling 8 kittens, or the fox and the fawn, or the giraffe and the lion cub, or the dolphin and the T-Rex? Okay, I made up that last one but you get my drift. All over the place is pictorial evidence that interspecies canoodling and cuddling happens. Rather like fur-covered “love sees no color” and all that. Well, I obviously have seen such pictures and I damn them. I damn them and their adorable furry little beastly hearts.

Because they made me dream. They made me dream that I too, could have such glory in my life.

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