Be Here And Now

This week has been not my favorite. Like really not my favorite.  This week has been filled to bursting with end-of-school-year busyness, the highs of birthday celebrations, and the lows of losing what is precious. Weeks like this wear me out and leave me aching for something I can’t quite grab — like trying to grab hold of the whirlpool in the bathtub drain; you can feel it, but you can’t capture it. I remember my babies, now very much not babies, when they saw the whirlpools in bathtub drains. Usually it was right before they escaped forever, and my babies were sad and wanted me to bring it back. But I couldn’t. Because the moment had slipped away. Continue reading


Today is Good

It’s a cloudy Monday morning and there is a wailing child in my house. But I’ve already got my run in for the day, I’m listening to Josh Radin’s “Brand New Day,” and I’m thinking that today is good.

I like to live in today. Live in this moment. It bodes well with not missing the actual living of the days. Yes, I’m a worrier, especially when it comes to my kids. But when I can keep the crazy from spinning out of control in my head and heart, I try to stay right here. In this moment.


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