Playing on Labor Day

Today is a “stolen day” at my house – one of those days that we get Mister Soandso home and we all hang out in our pajamas way past socially acceptable standards. But then, it is a holiday so what is socially acceptable anyway? We are bandying about the ideas of going for a bike ride, cleaning the garage, or doing more work on creating Halloween Steampunk costumes. The calendar may say it’s a holiday celebrating labor but we seem to be more about playing. Which is as it should be. Right?

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Time Keeps on Slipping…

This morning as I leaned against my kitchen counter waiting on my morning caffeine, I found myself thinking about the role of time in my life.  Time slips away so quickly and yet rolls along so slowly. This is because the passage of time has more to do with the situation than with the actual notion of time itself.  If there really is a Time Lord with his glorious Tardis, just what would he say to me standing in the quiet of my darkened kitchen waiting for the clock to tick, tock? I believe he would say this, “really live in this moment.”

It was in this head place that I opened my sugar bowl and found myself quoting TS Eliot, “Have known the evenings, mornings, afternoon, I have measured out my life with coffee spoons….”

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