Opening and Closing Doors

“The doors we open and close each day decide the lives we live.”   ~ Flora Whittemore 

“Every new beginning comes from some other beginning’s end.”  ~ Dan Wilson, Semisonic

Wednesday night I went for a run and was thinking about the post I planned on writing today.  And somewhere along climbing a hill my thoughts suddenly caught my attention like a heaved sidewalk.  “What if?” I allowed myself to think.  And thus, this post was born from the sting of salt in my eyes, an ache in my quad, and a hole in my heart two years in the making.

Sunday will mark the second anniversary of our contractor walking off our job.  He threw a smile over his shoulder and waved just like any of the days before it.  But he never came back.  Some of that is because we finally issued him the ultimatum of more finished work on our bathroom/bedroom renovation and fewer promises of days on-site.  But mostly it was his last day because of a myriad of his choices I am not privy to.  All I know is that he made choices, but those choices hurt me and my family.

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Why All Ambassadors Should Be Parents

First off, sorry for the absence.  It is amazingly difficult to post to one’s blog when one’s house is under a major construction project.  In case I haven’t whined about this of late, during this horrendously cold weather (dating back to before Christmas…and it is now February!) the entire southern side of my already rather drafty house has been torn off and replaced with a very she-she blue tarp.  Nice, eh?  It wouldn’t be so bad if this were the Amazonian rainforest, but when it is snowing on you and all that stands between you and the elements is a sheet of drywall and a blue tarp, the whole process loses a bit of its “good idea-ness”.  And, of course, there has been a couple of opportunities to have some meeting of the minds and try to figure out the best way to fix this whole project (which was preceded by a major find not of gold bullion in the walls, but dry rot and more dry rot).  It would be different if we had unlimited resources available for this home repair, but we’re living in the same economy as everybody else.

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