The Gifts of Love and a Dog

My doorbell just rang. It was the first time since moving here that I heard only my doorbell ring when someone was at the door. And my heart broke all over again.

This morning at about 10 am, Mister Soandso and I euthanized our beloved Charlie…the brown streak of energy and love that has been such a part of our lives, family, and home for the past nearly ten years.

And when the doorbell rang, he didn’t go running and barking to the door. Continue reading

I Wish I Was My Dog

I have a dog. Charlie is his name. Aside from a few traumatic times in his life such as being homeless and when someone who shall be unnamed amputated his tale in the door, he’s had a pretty great life. We buy him the kibble he likes best, mix it with the wet food he likes best, and then add bits and pieces of steak or pork chops while begging him to end his latest hunger strike. We had to get a bigger couch to accommodate his napping needs. And he has many, many dog toys strewn about the house, yard and even the couch. I mean, what about his life doesn’t sound pretty great, aside from the hygiene techniques and hot sidewalks?

If I could be Charlie, I’d love it. Well, I’d love a few aspects of it, especially the running bit.

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Not A Tail-Wagging Kind of Day

If I was a smart blogger, I’d have a few emergency blog posts all spit-shined and ready to go in the unlikely event of a water landing, so to speak.  But I’m not much of a smart blogger apparently because this morning when I looked in desperation at my draft blogs, they all suck in various amounts.  So here I am, typing away with a tear-streaked face and a sad panda little self.

My Mondays and Fridays start a bit crazy as I get the kids all set for school in a mad-dash kind of way, then they get nice and mellow as I sit in my comfy office chair with a cup of coffee and type up whatever comes to mind.  And it really looked like that would be today’s happy matter as well.  Until I caught my dog’s tail in the storm door on our way back from the bus stop. Continue reading

You May Already Be A…Dachshund!

I’ll admit I haven’t had much coffee yet today, which is probably why “random” seems to be how I’m rolling.  Sorry ’bout that folks.  Of course, some of you might be wondering just how this is any different than usual.  And to you I say, “Hmm, you could be onto something.”  So, here’s some things that have come to mind in the 2 short hours I’ve been awake and inhaling the coffee (fumes).

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