Why I Am This Way

Last night my dearest critique partner (aka husband) was wandering about the web while waiting for me to hand him the laptop.  He came upon this post and after I changed my clothes and used the urine remover on the couch, we had a somber moment reflecting on the differences between the genders and families and such things as hormonal and mental unbalances.  (In case you’re wondering, this was a normal night around here.)  Which leads me to my Friday Missive.

Why are we the way we are?  Is it gender?  Birth order? The dropping-on-head events along the way?  Was it the god-awful clothing options of the 1970s?  Hell if I know, but I can’t help but reflect here a bit.  I have a feeling it’s going to be along the lines of the dull side of the aluminum foil, but I feel the need to reflect.   Continue reading

It’s All About Sex, Baby

I have to admit that sex has been on my mind quite a bit lately.  (You may assume that is because the ladies and I have our “Honey I Shrunk My Libido” show tomorrow night and I’ve been writing and prepping for it. A safe assumption, but not wholly correct.)  Actually, I’ve been thinking about actual infant gender.  No, I’m not making any big announcement here.  (Whew! My husband breathes again.) But my son’s preschool teacher will be on maternity leave in just a few short weeks and the other day I went shopping for a baby gift.  Sigh.  Newborn sized anything is just so stinkin’ cute!

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Deserving a Daughter

As I was vacuuming, my mind was doing its typical wandering.  It was either that or reflect on the horrific size of the dust bunnies in my house.  But I got to thinking of a snippet of a conversation nearly 7 years old.  And once my mind got on that track, it has stayed there a bit.  So, please indulge me as I do a bit of pondering on the subject of “Deserving a Daughter.”

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