More Issues Than Newsweek

I have a bulimic cat and an anorexic dog. This is not a good thing. I mean, what are the odds? Was it something I did? Did I say something that they took the wrong way? I just don’t know. I don’t remember talking about fat grams in Purina versus Iams, but maybe…. I obviously did SOMETHING though, because my pets have issues.

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Fur Babies – When Eating Disorders Strike

Before I start, let me just state for the record that I actually do adore my pets.  Really, I do.  They are part of my family and I am so glad that we adopted them (Humane Society fur babies for this family, all the way).

But there are times when the fur babies drive me just a little cuckoo-for-cocoa-puffs.  Take this instant.  The cat is taking a few laps across my desk and laptop in her morning affection ritual.  Oh, and the dog finally got done alternating between sniffing the cat’s butt and laying his 70 pound head on my forearm.  Who knew that the pets would suffer from sibling rivalry so badly?  The dog loves the cat.  The cat tolerates the dog.  But both get twitchy if the other is getting attention from me.  Oh, and both have to be in the bathroom if I’m in there, pestering me to pet them.  Talk about a captive audience.

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