Celebrating a Real Love Story

What does a real love story look like?  Is it patient and kind, always protecting, trusting, hoping, and persevering?  The answer isn’t written in only black and white but in many shades of grays, overlapping and swirling into images our mind makes into a meaningful story.

A real love story is a bit like a fireworks display lighting up a dark summer night.

Let me tell you a story…

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Strawberries and Fireworks

I don’t know about you but it certainly makes sense that strawberries and fireworks go hand-in-hand.  After all, both are patriotic as all get out when put in the proper context.  Namely, whipped cream and blue berries or Independence Day.  I find most parts of celebrating our nation’s birthday to be a heck of a good time.  After all, who can really argue with a burger or some potato salad?  Certainly not me.  Plus, not much screams patriotism like hoisting a brewski and blowing up stuff.  (giggle) But I do have a wee bit of trouble with strawberries and fireworks.

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