Give Me A Break

A million years ago when I first started blogging, it was a different world. Mostly, it seemed like a nicer world at least in terms of how folks felt about making comments on blogs and such things. It was before “never read the comments” became the modus operandi of most folks. Is it me, or has the cyber world started to feel less polite? (That is a rhetorical question, of course. Because it really has become a dangerous place for many, and an uncomfortable one for others.)

Because of that, there are many, many topics I refrain from writing about these days. It just isn’t worth the feedback sometimes. However, I decided to stop biting my tongue on one topic and hope that the responders are at least polite on this one. Continue reading

Never Read The Comments; My GF Plea

I’m warning you, I’m feeling grumbly today so if you don’t want to read my grumbles, you should go Google cute photos of kittens or puppies or something. Why am I so grumbly? Oh, I did that thing I promised myself I would never do. I let myself scroll down on an article and started to read the comments.

Why are so many folks such meanie-pants in their comments? The things people think it’s okay to say on the internet makes me lose my faith in humanity. Like to the point that not even sparkly kitten GIFS really helps.

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Baking Bagels Because of Beavers

In my years as a baker, I have never made bagels. That’s changing today. And it’s all the fault of the beaver. Or perhaps I should say I am baking bagels today because the food industry of the US uses castoreum in many foods but allows the manufacturers to label castoreum as “natural ingredients.” And while we can’t argue that the anal scent glands of beavers are certainly “natural,” it isn’t something I particularly want to feed to my kids.

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