Cooking Is Magic

Although I am a trained teacher, I do not teach my kiddos.  At least not in the formal sense.  There are no “skill and drill” moments in my home, no peppering their days with flashcards and worksheets.  I figure I only get them as little kiddos once and I’m going to enjoy them.

But what I do do with my kids is play with them.  Teaching kiddos card games and making crafts, those are all skills that make those synaptic responses just go whiz-bang.  And, of course, I read to them.  But my favorite thing to do with my kiddos is cook with them.  Talk about a thematic gold mine.  In one batch of banana bread you can talk about all kinds of stuff:  science, math, geography, spelling, you name it.

So, making focaccia for dinner last night was yet another great chance to turn my little kiddos into the next generation’s scientists or geographers or what-have-you.

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